Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What's up World?!

I always seem to neglect writing on this thing, but I promise I will try and do better...maybe one update a week, who knows.

Anyway, some cool bike riding has occurred since my last post. A few of the Memorial Park crits ended up being pretty good for me, with the finale being the best. I have been working on my road skeelz this summer and finally was able to get into a worthwhile breakaway. 20 minutes in a group of four riders went off the front. As the pack was strung out in hot pursuit, I attacked them and was able to connect with the leaders about 20 seconds up the road. We worked very well together fending off the pack and with about three laps to go, the peloton had given up. I managed to get 3rd in the sprint, which was pretty satisfying for me.

I also took part in the team time trial a month or so ago. Although we didn't have the best result, it was fun to rock a disc wheel and aero helmet for once! Enough said about that.

Us Houstonian's have been lucky to have some warm-up mountain bike races for the fall series. YettiCross ( hosted the "Battle on the Brazos" mountain bike races at Stephen F. Austin state park. The course was rippin' fast with a GREAT turn out. I finally think I'm getting the hang of the mountain bike scene. I can definitely see an improvement on my handling skills just in the last few weeks.

Soon to come, today actually, are the YettiCross Cyclocross races being held at Stude Park. I haven't raced much CX in my day, but I plan to hit up some of the local and state races this year. Good times for all!

Other than that, not much going on except for job hunting.