Friday, July 17, 2009

Update, finally

Well folks, I haven't really been keeping up with my blog now that I have a twitter account. I'm addicted! Not too much has been going on since graduation. I have been doing some of the Memorial Park crit's to test some race strategies and work on my fitness for the fall, working at the shop with big KD, training some with the Comardo-kid, and other various things.

I just realized I never updated on the Memorial weekend crits in Dallas, but they were fun. Some of the most intense crit's I have done, but also the most enjoyable. Great events, and I had a few good placings as well.

Some other good things that have happened are my two trips to San Antonio with Morgan, one for fun, one for a wedding. Both were good times. Heading out west makes me really enjoy Texas.

Yesterday, I finally got to see my beloved Cadets. It's great to still feel welcomed and a part of such a great organization. The maroon and gold is definitely in my blood forever. The corps is playing and moving ALOT, but I know they will be the best in the end, whether or not the scores say so. Needless to say, I miss being with them in the summer...oh well, great things don't always last forever I suppose.

Well, I guess that's all for now until my next post. Not too much racing going on until the end of the year, but maybe one day I'll win one of the Wednesday night crits, that would be cool...til next time!